Where have you been? 06-09-17

I can guess what you are thinking. You’re thinking, where in hell has he been since fuck knows when? Well, first off, can you cut out the swearing please? Don’t get me wrong I like swearing – sometimes there’s nothing else for it but to swear. Trying banging your toe and shouting ‘oh, cripes!’ It doesn’t work does it? Even if you are against the use of swearing – even if you think it’s the refuge of the uneducated or the unimaginative, there are times when ‘Oh, fuck it!’ is all that will do. Thinking on it, I reckon some swear words might have a special sort of anaesthetic built into them. A rapid and repeated round of ‘fuck its’ will certainly lessen the pain as you hobble round the bedroom, big toe throbbing like a cunt, in your jim-jams. But I digress. I only say don’t swear here because – well because – actually, fuck it, swear all you like.

Here’s why I haven’t been posting for a while. Just before we broke up for the summer holidays I sat down to add some bits and bats to the site and everything went tits up. All of the menus refused to stay in place and the more I tried to solve the problem the more unctuous it became. In the end I swore at the site – I called it a wanker – then left it to its own devices – sound advice, I reckon, when dealing with any kind of wanker. I did revisit it sporadically during the summer break but I got nowhere slowly. A couple of days ago the rather marvellous Ian from work took the site to task and set it straight again.

So, here we are in the now. I mentioned in the last post that I planned to make my own writing room and the photos above are testament to that end. I dismantled the room, repaired and painted walls and ceiling, made and fitted the skirting, architrave and coving as well as making a small cupboard door and hanging a new entrance door. I also made the bookshelves in the right-hand photo using discarded wine boxes given to me by my old mate Tom.

That’s about the long and the short of it for the summer – I’ve been writing, of course, and I’ve been reading lots too. I’ve also been eating too much and so I’ve regained a few pounds. Oh, and I watched two entire series of ‘Last Chance U’ on Netflix. I’d recommend it. It’s about American football but it’s so much more than that too. It’s about religion and poverty and black expectation and the American Dream and how that delusion very effectively lays all of an individuals failures at their own door. There’s no consideration of circumstance, intellect, life experience: if you screw up it’s no one else’s fault but yours. And if life throws a shed load of shit at you, you just have to soak it up – it’s God’s plan and that can never, under any circumstances, be challenged. The programme is depressing and heart-breaking a good deal of the time but the spirit of some of the young lads, the innocence and blind faith they show despite enduring some of the most awful childhood experiences, is truly moving.

On a lighter note. I’ve made myself a roster for each evening. It includes working on my site (check!), working on my Open University courses (not check yet as they aren’t due to start just yet), writing (check) and finding someone – anyone! – to publish my short stories. Onwards, upwards, backwards, stagger sidewards a little, then onwards again!


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