Creative Writing Tuition


I have been writing for a long time – I have been teaching creative writing for some time too. I have a BA in creative writing and an MA in the same. I have taught classes in my local community in diverse groups from an all ladies poetry club at my library, to a local AA group. I’ve taught adults with mental health issues and adults wishing to get back into the workplace. I’ve worked one to one with would-be writers and at my local college I wrote and delivered creative writing to groups with members as young as 16 and as not so young as 82.

I am a former Bath Spa University lecturer where I worked with creative writing graduates for over ten years, and I am still employed by the Open University teaching creative writing to students from all walks of life. I also work with A-Level creative writing students and was a course leader for the AQA 2015-16 year. I am a second marker for both AQA and the Open University.

I can offer one to one tutoring tailored to suit the needs of the individual. I pride myself in being supportive and constructive and as having a good sense of humour and a relaxed approach to writing. I believe people write better, learn better, if they feel relaxed and confident and I work very hard to ensure that all of my students feel comfortable and confident when it comes to asking questions and seeking help.

If you are interested in working with me, email me at: and we can discuss your needs.

Here’s what some of my students have very kindly said about me: NOTE: money wasn’t exchanged but Haribo Tangfastics were.

Student 1       I was very happy with my tutor was very personable and I appreciated his warm and funny sense of humour. He was easily available and responded promptly to phone messages. He clearly explained areas where I found confusion. After a telephone conversation I found I could get back to my writing with a much clearer understanding of the tasks I had been set. I feel my writing has improved hugely because of his input. He managed to dispel my bouts of self-doubt. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mentor or tutor for creative writing. He encouraged me toward fearless writing by explaining how consequences matter as a way to hook the reader. I have found this information invaluable. I started off doing this course knowing nothing; wanting to write but not knowing how to construct a story. I fully appreciate all that I have learnt in the last year and Steve Tuffin made that learning both enjoyable and exciting.     

Student 2            A truly supportive and helpful fellow or a bloody good actor. A tight and constructive approach to comment and analysis adept at providing good guidance. Very flexible to my needs as a disabled student. Steve made the course fun and emphasized the importance of experimentation throughout. Pay him more, he is worth every penny!

Student 3            We only had one face-to-face tutorial – it was on the first day of the course and he was inspirational. I am sure it was this first day that encouraged a group of us to interact on the forum. It certainly helped me to believe I could do the course and set me up well for the course. It is a great pity that there were only two face-to-face tutorials and he was (perfectly reasonably) unable to make the second one – we missed him. His forum work and personal emails were second-to-none. He showed us that he really cares about us and our work.

Student 4            An insightful and nurturing tutor whose obvious passion for the subject and constant dialogue and support of every student really enhanced my enjoyment and appreciation of the course. All feedback was constructive and helpful and not only detailed where I could improve upon my work but also ways in which I could do this. He was always contactable and openly encouraged discussion and I greatly appreciate his tutelage over the duration of my first year of studying.

Student 5            I’d like to thank Mr Tuffin for all his help and support I have received throughout this course. As English is not my first language, I was always encouraged to continue despite the fact that I still need to work hard on grammar and the little nuances English language has. I am very grateful for the support and I only wish I would have Mr Tuffin as a tutor for my next course A363. Mr Tuffin’s enthusiasm for writing and books overall has had a big impact on me and I feel more competent writer now than ever before (although I know I have still a lot to learn).

Student 6            I found Mr Tuffin to be a most helpful and approachable tutor. I feel that he made a great deal of impact on the students: with his positive attitude and engagement with students. Thanks Steve…

Student 7            The tutor was very enthusiastic about the course and materials. His support, when required, was prompt and efficient. Thank you for making the course more enjoyable.

Student 8            I was very impressed with Steve, he had a great teaching style and was easy to get on with and talk to. He had a very good understanding of any problems that arose with myself or other students. One particular incident which impressed me greatly was during one of the tutorials, where he picked up on several points but rather than say what he thought needed work, he asked a series of questions which made me really think about what I had written. The great thing about this was that I have found those questions are reusable and have helped me question other work I have done.

Student 9            My tutor Steve was excellent in every way. I cannot express my gratitude.

Student 10          Steve Tuffin is an excellent tutor – encouraging and enthusiastic about the subject. He was very supportive of me individually right through the course when I was experiencing personal issues. An excellent tutor. I have enrolled for Advanced Creative Writing and hope he is the tutor on that too!

Student 11          Creative Writing is a difficult subject to tutor because it’s such a subjective study area but Steve managed to support, inspire and develop through exercises, information, feedback and tutorials. I’m just sorry he isn’t tutoring the third level course! Thank you! My writing is so much better for the support I got on this course … and when I’m a rich and famous author I will thank him in my Nobel Prize lecture :-))))

Student 12          This is my third year of OU and Steve has been, by far, the best tutor. He has been very encouraging all the way through and I have a new level of confidence with my writing thanks to his feedback. I attended the two tutorials allocated to this course and he is a born teacher/presenter who adds a lot of humour to what could otherwise be a fairly dry tutorial. I am planning to undertake Advanced Creative Writing at some point and it would be fantastic if Steve were to also tutor this course. I would be amazed if you had any negative feedback from anyone.