What’s the Recipe Today, Jim?

What’s the Recipe Today, Jim?


So, here is the recording of WtRTJ? which I performed in March 2017 at the Anniversary ‘A Word in Your Ear’ event at Burdall’s Yard in Bath. It’s a story about a woman who believes Radio 2 DJ, Jimmy Young, is talking to her from inside the radio. Not just talking to her, giving her tips on how best to kill her bastard of a cheating husband.

By the way – the pie in the picture was made by me! Yes! I try to make pies as well as try to write stories.


Here’s the opening lines:

‘Pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch!’

Mrs June Lovall stood back and admired her work. A pie. A perfect pie. She smiled and made the final pinch around the perimeter of the pie sealing in the deadly contents.

Click the link below to read on.


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